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About my lack of posting.

Hello all. I am sorry about my lack of posting. I just had a string of bad luck along with some good luck. First the good luck.

The good luck is that I got some really good customer service reviews and that I recieved some nice compliments from other customers. I also managed to get on my managers' good sides by doing a wonderful job at work. And I just found out that two of my friends are going to have babies so I am excited for them. One of my cousins is getting married next year and I get to see a friend of mine afterward. And I am excited for that too.

Now the bad luck. This Thanksgiving, a friend of mine, who I will simply call J, fell and broke two bones in her foot and now requires surgery. She is due to have the surgery after New Year's Day. So I got stuck with her hours for three weeks. But because I am on so many restrictions from the government, and because I have anxiety and panic attacks, I can, and am allowed to, only work 20 hours per week-no ifs, ands, or buts. I explained that to my then store manager-who ignored the requests and notes and continued to schedule me however many hours she wanted me to work-which was over 30 hours per week. I even turned in a doctor's note explaining why I can only work 20 hours per week. That was also ignored. So I went to my Union and complained about, and explained, the situation to my Union Rep and he told me that he would speak to my manager. Fortunately, quite a few co-workers of mine also complained about our then-store manager to the Union AND Corporate and our then-store manager was informed that she had one day to pack up her office and step down to a lower position at another store or be fired. So she chose the first option. Our new store manager is much more easy-going and is a wonderful listener. So he fixed my hours back to the 20 hours per week limit.
However, as of Tuesday of this week, I just joined my co-worker J in the injury parade. All I did was simply get out of my shower stall, dry myself, and get dressed and that is all it took to somehow injure my lower back muscles. So now I have to take some pain medication and do some unusual back stretches that my dad has recommended because my dad has a bad back and sees a chiropractor who recommended the same stretches my dad told me about. So far, it has only given me minimal relief. Same goes for the pain relievers and muscle relaxers I am taking. My dad told me that if my back pain continues along with the muscle spasms in my lower back, I will need to see a doctor. I am so pissed about it because here it is the Holidays and I am physically hurting.

On a side note, I am learning to speak Spanish so that I will be better able to serve Safeway/Albertsons customers.

Well that's all folks!

Rebecca M.



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Dec. 28th, 2015 03:55 pm (UTC)
Between Health and Holy Day issues you can't be expected to "entertain" the masses on-line. Heck, sometimes Midgard is more important than Cybergard;>.
As someone whose dealt with back "issues" since childhood(spinal deformation), I have an idea what you're going through. The hardest is NOT to let your impatience and ,yes guilt trick you into overdoing it when you haven't Healed all the way. It doesn't take much to throw it out. I did mine a couple weeks ago bringing out Yule decorations. Literally, I hurt myself pulling out the tree skirt, something that barely weighs a pound or two....at most.
I won't insult your Intelligence by telling you what you NEED TO DO because you've been in this "rodeo" before.
I know I should be better with folks giving me "helpful" advice but most of the times it's from folks who've never really had what we've all gone through and it triggers my "Being Patronized" "button";>...
Eir Bless you,
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