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Long awaited post......

Whew......be prepared for a long awaited post and a long post at that.

First off, the week before Valentine's Day-I got sick with allergies. The allergies were dust related. And get this: my family and I are having the tile floor in our kitchen, hallway, my bathroom, and the laundry room ripped up and replaced with granite floor tiles; the cabinets in the kitchen and laundry room are being replaced with darker colored wooden cabinets; the baseboards throughout our house have been removed, painted white and replaced; we purchased a brand new, smaller and slimmer refridgerator, and a smaller, slimmer double oven; a pullout cabinet will be installed in between the refridgerator and double oven; the center island in the kitchen has been removed and a smaller one is being built to replace it; and we are having a wine/soft drink chiller installed. All of this is possible because we saved up enough money over a period of three-four years. This alone has kicked up a lot of dust allergens for me. So, I was sick for a week and took some allergy medication. Then I recovered. And I began working more on, and coloring in, my newest art piece.

Valentine's Day came and went without a hitch. In fact, it was a wonderful and peaceful holiday and I was able to enjoy time with my family.

After my previous store manager, Mrs. MH, was forced to step down and move to another store, and after a new store manager, Mr. MV stepped in, things at work have calmed down and gotten much better. And I feel more comfortable talking to my new store manager.

However, on Tuesday of last week, I got severe heartburn that lasted until the next night-when it came to a head and I got sick to my stomach. Then, last Saturday, I developed a severe sore throat that started on the right side of my throat. And at around the same time, a low-grade fever started. Then, by Sunday, the sore throat was all over my throat, and the fever-despite medication-was stubborn, and no amount of throat medication was able to dull the pain and it hurt to swallow or even talk. Yesterday, the symptoms remained the same, with a new symptom-coughing. Whooping cough-type coughing. So I scheduled a doctor appointment. Once I saw the doctor, I was/am no closer to getting a diagnosis than I was when I first started. The doctor ordered a Strep Test, which turned out to be negative. So she prescribed a broad-spectrum antibiotic. Thankfully it is not Sulpha Drug-related, as I am deathly allergic to all Sulpha medications. The antibiotic is called Amoxicillin. I am taking 875 mg of this medication and taking it twice (2x) daily for ten (10) days. If this doesn't work, the doctor assured me that she will order a full blood panel from me, as well as a more extensive throat culture. So hopefully this works.

Good news as well: I lost five (5) pounds. Meanwhile, tomorrow I will be able to go back to work! Yay! And I am able to work more on my art piece!


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