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Just wanted to share....

Hello everyone! I just wanted to share some news with y'all.

First, the good news.

I went to my primary care physician this past Thursday to review the results of my thyroid test. Turns out my thyroids are working just fine now and no surgery is needed. My weight is another story. My doctor recommended that in addition to my exercise program, that I try doing a low carb diet. On the upside, I am already seeing some great results. I have more energy. I'm sleeping and resting much better. And I am feeling much more positive.

Another result of this is in the metaphysical realm. As a result of spending more time outside, I feel much more grounded and centered-not to mention more at peace with myself. I have also noticed that all of my Chakras have opened and are much more balanced. And my mental clarity is much stronger, much better. However, I have yet to see if any more positive benefits show up.

However, there are some negatives that came from the positives.

Despite the store where I work at being small, as a result with our merger with Albertsons, and the snow birds coming back, we have been getting more customers. While more customers can, and often does, result in more profits; it can also mean more complaints. I have already received one complaint for something I never said. This one bitch came in the opening cashier's (simply named Mr. D) line and immediately demanded to talk to a manager, bitching about everything. Mr. D, ever always the polite one, graciously allowed her to come to front of the line to be checked out first. After he finished ringing up her items, and after she paid for her groceries, Mr. D called for a manager to come up front. Meanwhile I bade her a polite farewell and wished her a nice day. Then the manager, Mr. C, came up and she REALLY HAD A BITCHFEST THEN. She started screaming like a lunatic about how the milk coolers had not been sufficiently restocked with the brand of coffee creamer that she likes (it is a popular brand and I understand her frustration there), that the dairy person was rude to her (well, she was rude to the dairy worker, but meh), that the restrooms were filthy (well she NEVER EVEN WENT INSIDE THEM and I had JUST cleaned them spotless a minute or two BEFORE she came in Mr. D's line and when she did get in his line, four minutes total had passed since I came back up front to bag), that the prices were wrong (Mr. D and I both checked the prices and the prices were verified as correct) and that I was rude by saying, ''Bye lady.'' (when I really said, ''Have a nice day ma'am.''). So Mr. C tried to explain that our store is small but that we will do better. The irate bitch got right up in his face and shouted, ''I REALLY DON'T GIVE A FUCK! I AM NEVER COMING BACK HERE AGAIN!'' Guess what? That same stupid customer came back the next day and tried to stir the SAME shitpot again, this time screaming at another manager about how MR. C treated her. I then heard that Mr. C was called up front YET AGAIN to deal with the SAME customer and that this time, Mr. C grew half of a brain and had Mrs. Constipated escorted out of the store and banned her from returning. However, I was warned (wrongly) for 'being rude'. But I let that go.

Also, more customers means more restroom clean-ups. But that's another story for a more appropriate time.

Meanwhile, hope everyone has a nice evening and enjoys these photos!

Cowpen Daisy: http://www.photobucket.com/user/rlagmagm29/media/Mobile%20Uploads/CowpenDaisy_zps2rgbj9c5.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0

Unknown plant seedpod: http://www.photobucket.com/user/rlagmagm29/media/Mobile%20Uploads/Plant_zpstozvsxt9.jpg.html?filters%5Balbum%5D=%2Falbums%2Fj68%2Frlagmagm29%2FMobile+Uploads&filters%5Balbum_content%5D=2&sort=3&o=/albums/j68/rlagmagm29/Mobile%20Uploads/Plant_zpstozvsxt9.jpg

Unknown plant leaves: http://www.photobucket.com/user/rlagmagm29/media/Mobile%20Uploads/Plantleaf_zpshts4dzxs.jpg.html?filters%5Balbum_content%5D=2&filters%5Balbum%5D=%2Falbums%2Fj68%2Frlagmagm29%2FMobile+Uploads&sort=3&o=/albums/j68/rlagmagm29/Mobile%20Uploads/Plantleaf_zpshts4dzxs.jpg


Just been in an icky mood....

Just been in an icky mood today. Every little thing just seems to irritate me or make me feel depressed. I guess this must be due to the bad weather here in Tucson. Or it could be that one or more of my medical conditions are acting up. My medical conditions include Hypothyroidism, Hidradenitis Suppurativa, Depression, Anxiety, Myopia, Pre-Diabetes, and many others. I am going to my doctor next Thursday to discuss my recent bloodwork and to discuss whether or not I should have my thyroids taken out surgically because I have goiters (growths) on my thyroids. I feel resentful and hateful of myself.

Anyway. Here are some photos I took in between storms.

Wet Goldfinch: http://www.photobucket.com/user/rlagmagm29/media/Mobile%20Uploads/Wetgoldfinch_zpsx1z8plsi.jpg.html?filters%5Balbum%5D=%2Falbums%2Fj68%2Frlagmagm29%2FMobile+Uploads&filters%5Balbum_content%5D=2&sort=3&o=/albums/j68/rlagmagm29/Mobile%20Uploads/Wetgoldfinch_zpsx1z8plsi.jpg

Moth: http://www.photobucket.com/user/rlagmagm29/media/Mobile%20Uploads/Moth4_zpsz5zggmuw.jpg.html?filters%5Balbum_content%5D=2&filters%5Balbum%5D=%2Falbums%2Fj68%2Frlagmagm29%2FMobile+Uploads&sort=3&o=/albums/j68/rlagmagm29/Mobile%20Uploads/Moth4_zpsz5zggmuw.jpg

Cassin's Finch-Female (terrible photo): http://www.photobucket.com/user/rlagmagm29/media/Mobile%20Uploads/Finch_zpszbwgndy7.jpg.html?filters%5Balbum_content%5D=2&filters%5Balbum%5D=%2Falbums%2Fj68%2Frlagmagm29%2FMobile+Uploads&sort=3&o=/albums/j68/rlagmagm29/Mobile%20Uploads/Finch_zpszbwgndy7.jpg

Black Pansy: http://www.photobucket.com/user/rlagmagm29/media/Mobile%20Uploads/BlackPansy_zpsimplquxw.jpg.html?sort=3&o=2

What a day....

What a day yesterday was! First off, I just remembered that I have to have my thyroids' TSH levels tested again. I'm getting ahead of myself though. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism-a thyroid disease in which the thyroids are not producing enough hormones to keep the body stable and balanced-in the year 2007. Since then, I have been on medication for this disease, but I still have to have my blood tested every 3-6 months-just to see if I need any adjustments to my medication. However, this test is unlike any other in that 1. I don't need to fast and 2. Whether or not I have to have my thyroids taken out surgically (because I have one or two goiters-growths on my thyroids-that were discovered via ultrasound in beginning of the year 2013) depends heavily on whether or not I pass this test.

The REAL reason that I say what a day yesterday was is because I had to deal with an extremely rude customer. Yesterday started like any normal work day would-customers coming and going from our store, customers needing help to their cars with their groceries, customers needing help with finding an item or two, or needing a price check for an item, and so on. Towards the end of my shift, my day took a turn for the worse. A guy walks in the store and steps in line behing an elderly and physically handicapped lady at the customer service dest. At first I thought nothing of it and bagged another customer's groceries and offered her assistance to her vehicle, which she gladly accepted. So then off we went to load her groceries. Or so I thought. As we got closer to the door, the man behind the handicapped lady in the customer service line, reached out and grabbed my arm in a rather tight grip and demanded to know if there was anyone who could help him at the customer service desk. I told him yes and that I would have someone call a manager. I asked Mr. P, a produce associate/backup cashier, if he could call either Mrs. M, the store manager, Mr. C, the first assistant manager/schedule planner, or Mr. A, another manager on duty. Mr. P then said, ''Well, Mrs. K is right there. Why not ask her?'' ''Well Mrs. K is busy with another customer,'' I explained. Mr. P just walked away. And Mrs. K was busy, helping the handicapped customer-who was wheelchair bound, by the way. So then I turned to the impatient man, who still had my arm in a tight grip, and explained that I needed to help the other customer to her car first and that when I got back, I would help him. But first he needed to let my arm go as my arm was going numb. Boy THAT was the WRONG thing to say to this man. He let go of my arm alright and flung it at me. Then he proceeded to get centimeters away from touching my nose with his and started screaming at me and using every swear word in the book, calling me a ''fat ass'' and ''a useless fucking fat dumbass bitch who needs a man in'' her ''life to control'' her. The customer I was helping then came to my defense and explained that I was helping her first because she herself is handicapped with a bad back. The fool then wheeled on her, saying that she ''caused her own f--ing problems'' and that she ''needs a good kick up the arse!'' Just then, and even though Mrs. K was in the middle of doing her money order, the wheelchair customer politely offered to let the rude man get in front of her and politely asked Mrs. K if she could stop with the money order and service the man first. Mrs. K politely declined as she was right smack dab in the middle of entering the money order information and/or data in to the computer's money order database. That's when things really went downhill and fast. The rude man then took the handlebars of the handicapped customer's wheelchair and SHOVED her out of the way, almost knocking the woman out of her wheelchair-luckily she DID NOT fall out of the wheelchair-and stormed up to the desk and started pounding his fist on the counter, demanding to know if there was anyone in the whole store who would help him. That got Mrs. K's attention and she explained to him that she will get to him in a minute and that he could face an assault and battery charge should Mrs. K choose to call the police. It was then that the customer I was helping and I left the store and went outside to her car in the parking lot. It was then that security police rolled up and we both saw the rude customer being hauled out of the store and placed in the back of the police car to be taken away.
Well, that's it for now! No photos to share though, as I am still getting over yesterday's events.

~Rebecca M.

Nervous wreck...

I am such a nervous wreck right now. This is because I have an upcoming thyroid test next week. Whether or not I keep my thyroids hinges on whether or not I pass the thyroid test. And I am hoping that my A1C has gone down back to normal because I am borderline diabetic.

Other than that, I am doing fine. My job is doing well, the managers seem to like me and appreciate my work. We are doing the Customer Satisfaction (C-SAT) Surveys again because the last few surveys we had were horrible and they were over trivial things. And my artwork is going okay. However, day before yesterday was not good. I woke up that morning feeling dizzy and weak and virtually unable to lift my own head. I think it was either low blood pressure or blood sugar. It was unusual and scary. And my photography is coming along nicely.

On the other hand, after my thyroid test and the follow-up doctor appointment, I am hoping to get a flight to Louisiana and spend a week or two with a friend of mine whom I haven't seen in almost two or three years. And I am hoping to get a payraise soon and/or be trained as a cashier sometime next year.

Well, that's it for now. I hope everyone is doing well and I hope everyone is Blessed.

~Rebecca M.

Female Calliope Hummingbird: http://www.photobucket.com/user/rlagmagm29/media/Mobile%20Uploads/Unknownhummer2_zpsbtiwyre5.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0

Female Calliope Hummingbird 2: http://www.photobucket.com/user/rlagmagm29/media/Mobile%20Uploads/Unknownhummer_zpszlggnawu.jpg.html?filters%5Balbum%5D=%2Falbums%2Fj68%2Frlagmagm29%2FMobile+Uploads&filters%5Balbum_content%5D=2&sort=3&o=/albums/j68/rlagmagm29/Mobile%20Uploads/Unknownhummer_zpszlggnawu.jpg


Been Really busy...

I have been really busy as of late. Between taking photos of Nature, working at my job, working on that piece of art for a co-worker/friend of mine, medical testing, Facebooking (yes, I am on Facebook), and worrying about my mother-I have had very little time and energy for posting Journal updates.

Both the Nature photography and the commissioned art piece are coming along very well and I now have some new photos to share.

Medical testing: That's another story altogether. And it depends on what type of testing it is because I have so many diseases and/or issues that are being treated with medicines, including Hypothyroidism and Inverse Acne (Hidradenitis suppurativa). I am tested every three-to-six months by having my blood drawn. Next Wednesday I am having my thyroids tested. Whether or not I have my thyroids removed surgically hinges on if I pass this test or not. But let's focus on passing that thyroid test.

I have also been working very hard at my job and my managers have noticed it and they really seem to appreciate it and me. I am hoping for a payraise soon! Plus I have been more active on Facebook. But that's about to change because I enjoy LiveJournal more.

As for my mom, well I love and respect her, but I worry about her declining health. We-meaning my father and I-suspect my mother had a mini stroke while she was at her church receiving Communion.. I am not allowed to share the details of what happened-only my suspicions. I explained to her my concerns and let her know that she needs to see a doctor before something really serious happens to her. She just blew me off and told me to stay the heck out of her business.

Well, that's a wrap for now.

~Rebecca M.

Monarch: http://www.photobucket.com/user/rlagmagm29/media/Mobile%20Uploads/Monarchy_zpszqhidxw4.jpg.html?sort=3&o=6

Veined Ctenucha Moth: http://www.photobucket.com/user/rlagmagm29/media/Mobile%20Uploads/Blahblah_zpsqboqytqy.jpg.html?filters%5Balbum_content%5D=2&filters%5Balbum%5D=%2Falbums%2Fj68%2Frlagmagm29%2FMobile+Uploads&sort=3&o=/albums/j68/rlagmagm29/Mobile%20Uploads/Blahblah_zpsqboqytqy.jpg

Texan Crescentspot: http://www.photobucket.com/user/rlagmagm29/media/Mobile%20Uploads/Texas_zpsw6xf6nrq.jpg.html?filters%5Balbum%5D=%2Falbums%2Fj68%2Frlagmagm29%2FMobile+Uploads&filters%5Balbum_content%5D=2&sort=3&o=/albums/j68/rlagmagm29/Mobile%20Uploads/Texas_zpsw6xf6nrq.jpg

Common Checkered White Skipperling: http://www.photobucket.com/user/rlagmagm29/media/Mobile%20Uploads/Checkered_zpsz3ifm6fe.jpg.html?filters%5Balbum_content%5D=2&filters%5Balbum%5D=%2Falbums%2Fj68%2Frlagmagm29%2FMobile+Uploads&sort=3&o=/albums/j68/rlagmagm29/Mobile%20Uploads/Checkered_zpsz3ifm6fe.jpg

Paperflower: http://www.photobucket.com/user/rlagmagm29/media/Mobile%20Uploads/Paperflower_zpsudpfghzo.jpg.html?filters%5Balbum_content%5D=2&filters%5Balbum%5D=%2Falbums%2Fj68%2Frlagmagm29%2FMobile+Uploads&sort=3&o=/albums/j68/rlagmagm29/Mobile%20Uploads/Paperflower_zpsudpfghzo.jpg

Am back after quite a Hiatus......

Hey all! Am back after quite a long hiatus. Boy have I been really busy taking photos and discovering myself.

The reason(s) for the hiatus are as follows: First was my cellphone's alloted megabyte usage-I only have 250 megabytes for my phone's data plan. Secondly, although I am normally not affected by Mercury's retrogrades, this retrograde has affected me very badly. Lost my admin status in a group that I am in due to personal issues that were/are starting to affect how I do my job (my real life job) and my temprament. My personal issues include me dealing with a skin disease-commonly called Inverse Acne or the medical term, Hidradenitis Suppurativa. This skin disease is related to cancer. My case is right at Stage 3. That means I am at very high risk of the disease becoming and turning into Squamous Skin Cell Carcinoma. Also I just found out that a friend of mine has a puppy that came down with the deadly Parvo virus and needs round the clock care. Thirdly, my job has a new manager who is extremely rude and spiteful to me and makes me feel like complete crap. Fourthly I am dealing with my own insecurities. Every time I do something, anything, I do it to make others happy. If others are happy then I am happy. However, lately it feels like whenever I do something for someone else, that someone else treats that something like it's not enough and they want more. And oftentimes I feel like I should do more, even when I am unable to.

However, during this hiatus, I was able to enjoy and take photos of the Super Blood Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse. Even so, the photos turned out rather poor in quality. And I have taken several additional photos of various birds and butterflies!

Also, on a more positive note, the owner of the group I am in explained to me that he will reconsider re-adding me as an admin on Nov. 19 of this year, or whenever I feel that I have sorted out my personal issues.

Well that's it for now!

~Rebecca M.

Buckeye Butterfly: http://www.photobucket.com/user/rlagmagm29/media/Mobile%20Uploads/Buckeye_zpstnhoyiki.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0

Harris' Hawk in flight: http://www.photobucket.com/user/rlagmagm29/media/Mobile%20Uploads/HarrisHawk_zpsr3vwuizv.jpg.html?sort=3&o=4

Mylitta Crescentspot: http://www.photobucket.com/user/rlagmagm29/media/Mobile%20Uploads/MylittaCrescentspot_zpsyefehen8.jpg.html?sort=3&o=36

Curve-Billed Thrasher: http://www.photobucket.com/user/rlagmagm29/media/Mobile%20Uploads/Curve-billedThrasher_zpsrikfpkk6.jpg.html?sort=3&o=12

Abert's Towhee: http://www.photobucket.com/user/rlagmagm29/media/Mobile%20Uploads/AbertsTowhee_zpsx1ippq2e.jpg.html?sort=3&o=13

Western Tailed Blue (Butterfly): http://www.photobucket.com/user/rlagmagm29/media/Mobile%20Uploads/WesternTailedBlue_zpskcej7lyz.jpg.html?sort=3&o=18

Gerbera Daisy: http://www.photobucket.com/user/rlagmagm29/media/Mobile%20Uploads/Gerbera_zpsxoz272s3.jpg.html?sort=3&o=11

Hey all again.

Hey all again. I am sorry about the lack of posts and updates as I have been very busy with real life.

First I had to step down as an admin from a Pagan/Wiccan group on Facebook, known as The Cauldron. My choice as well as the choice of the other admins and the owner. I don't consider it a bad thing, indeed, I consider it a Blessing. A time to sort things out in real life and to reflect on what I've learned so far this year and how I plan to incorporate that knowledge to everyday life next year.
Secondly, I have taken several photos of many of the wildflowers in my area, identified each one, and uploaded the photos to my photobucket album/library. Each flower I photographed is as unique and interesting as it is beautiful and colorful. I also took the liberty to photograph a butterfly or two. The same goes for the Super Harvest Blood Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse, which will appear again in the year 2033.

Thirdly, I spent the majority of my time working at my job. However, my free time was used Casting a Spell or two and working on my art piece. On another note, I finally kicked my allergies'/cold's ass to the curb and am feeling loads better.

And Fourthly, I am battling a terrible skin disease called Hidradenitis Suppurativa (medical term) a.k.a Inverse Acne (Common term), which is on the verge of becoming Squamous Skin Cell Carcinoma. And I am dealing with a cashier, named Malik, at my work-who has started bullying me and several other disabled-both mentally and physically disabled-co workers. Next time he and I are working together and he starts his bullying, I am going straight to management and report him.

Well that's it for now. Blessings.

~Rebecca M.

Richardson's Geranium-Crane's Bill: http://www.photobucket.com/user/rlagmagm29/media/Mobile%20Uploads/Geranium_zps0pj31tev.jpg.html?sort=3&o=8

Mylitta Crescentspot: http://www.photobucket.com/user/rlagmagm29/media/Mobile%20Uploads/MylittaCrescentspot_zpsyefehen8.jpg.html?filters%5Balbum_content%5D=2&filters%5Balbum%5D=%2Falbums%2Fj68%2Frlagmagm29%2FMobile+Uploads&sort=3&o=/albums/j68/rlagmagm29/Mobile%20Uploads/MylittaCrescentspot_zpsyefehen8.jpg

Spreading Fleabane: http://www.photobucket.com/user/rlagmagm29/media/Mobile%20Uploads/SpreadingFleabane_zpsnuhbhwt6.jpg.html?filters%5Balbum_content%5D=2&filters%5Balbum%5D=%2Falbums%2Fj68%2Frlagmagm29%2FMobile+Uploads&sort=3&o=/albums/j68/rlagmagm29/Mobile%20Uploads/SpreadingFleabane_zpsnuhbhwt6.jpg

Desert Globemallow: http://www.photobucket.com/user/rlagmagm29/media/Mobile%20Uploads/DesertGlobemallow_zpsmqrmuvdg.jpg.html?filters%5Balbum_content%5D=2&filters%5Balbum%5D=%2Falbums%2Fj68%2Frlagmagm29%2FMobile+Uploads&sort=3&o=/albums/j68/rlagmagm29/Mobile%20Uploads/DesertGlobemallow_zpsmqrmuvdg.jpg


Hey all.....

Hey all. Just wanted to let you know that I am having allergy problems so I will not be able to post as often. Also an update on the condition of the kid in the accident that I witnessed: he didn't make it. His injuries were too severe.

Also I am working on getting some rest and on an art piece. And I am taking medication to get rid of the allergies.

~Rebecca M.

Photo: http://www.photobucket.com/user/rlagmagm29/media/VermillionFlycatcher3_zps8364847c.jpg.html?sort=3&o=33


Lack of posts this week....

I am sorry for the lack of posts this week. On Tuesday, I had to receive emergency psychiatric treatment because of what I witnessed this past weekend, discussed in my previous journal entry. But I am doing much better now-even started back up on my drawing. I am also sleeping better.

I have also gone back to writing my science fiction/action novel. The novel is turning out great and so far, I am loving it. My favorite part about writing this novel is the creation of, and meeting, new characters. My other favorite part of writing this novel is the battle scenes between good and evil characters and clashes between characters.

I am also enjoying my new movies-Planet Earth and The Traveler's Guide To The Planets.

Well. Got to go for now.


Barrel Cactus Flower photo: http://www.photobucket.com/user/rlagmagm29/media/Barrelflower_zps4decc641.jpg.html?sort=3&o=4

Am feeling better.

I am very happy to tell everyone that I am feeling so much better. My probiotics-prescription type Acidophilus (around 2 billion active cultures)-have finally started working. I guess that the probiotics just had to build up and gain strength in my body in order to start working. So the diarrhea and other colitis symptoms are gradually subsiding.

Yesterday was a horrible day. I was yelled at by one of my managers, 1st Assistant Manager, Mr. C (real name concealed for privacy). He yelled at me to shut up because, while I was talking in the breakroom, he was on a conference call that I was unaware of. Then I witnessed a terrible accident involving a ten-year-old kid. The kid was hit and pinned beneath a car that accidentally backed up over him. As soon as I saw it occur, I ran to find someone in management to call 911 and get medical, fire and police help. Medical because the kid was pinned underneath the vehicle. Fire because the medics needed help lifting the car and getting the kid out and because there was a smell of gas in the air. Police because the occupents of the car were acting very suspiciously. First suspicious act was that the occupents did not call emergency or even bother seeking help. And they just walked away from the car and sat down on the sidewalk and stared at the writhing kid with no emotion. Second suspicious act was that they, when EMT Paramedics and fire department arrived and asked the teen occupents questions, the teens again showed no emotion and they acted as though nothing happened. And their voices were emotionless. Third suspicious act was that the teens showed no remorse.

Meanwhile, while this was going on, a lady was standing by her red SUV with her keys in one hand and her cell phone in the other hand. She wasn't there when the accident occured and had just arrived as the emergency personnel were working on the kid. At first I didn't know WHAT she was doing. But a second later, it became clear what she was doing. SHE WAS PHOTOGRAPHING THIS! So I went up to her and said for her to move along. She then gave me an attitude saying, ''Do you have a fucking problem with me locking up my car?!'' I said no and apologized, saying that I had no clue she was locking her car. She then said to me, ''You're a fucking moronic idiot who doesn't even deserve to walk this earth alive!'' Again I told her I was sorry and she responded with, ''Yeah! You should be sorry, you little shit!'' and then hurried into the store.

By the time I got back from retrieving carts, the customer had already left. I then excused myself for a 10 minute break and went to the breakroom. As soon as I got in the breakroom, I sat down, put my face in my hands and bawled my eyes out. That time I was found by Mr. A-a manager, and Mrs. M-a bookkeeper/manager, both of whom calmed me down and talked to me. They asked me if I needed to go home and I said no.

Then the rest of yesterday went without a hitch-albiet I had a royal headache from hyperventillating while crying.

Well, that's it for now.

~Rebecca M.

P. S. Here is a photo of some deer that I spotted a few months back and a photo of a Black-throated Sparrow in full song.

Deer: http://www.photobucket.com/user/rlagmagm29/media/Deer_zpseac74b25.jpg.html?sort=3&o=83

Black-throated Sparrow: http://www.photobucket.com/user/rlagmagm29/media/Blacky_zpsd25343ef.jpg.html?sort=3&o=86


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