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Hello everyone am doing better.

Hello all, I am doing so much better! Yesterday we were able to determine where the gas leak (yes, there was only one) was. It was in the laundry room. And as for how the dryer was installed-it was installed improperly. And the installer knew he was doing it improperly because we called him and asked him to come fix it. And he flatly refused, saying, ''I don't fix or replace things for white people.'' (he was Mexican) And then he hung up on my mom. And he was subcontracted by Lowe's to do it. Which is sad. My mom asked the gas company, who were able to fix the dryer PROPERLY, if she should go and complain to Lowe's customer service and explain what was said by the installer and that what he did was dangerous and even life-threatening. And the gas company employees both gave a unanimous yes. So my mom is most likely going to go into Lowe's and complain next week and ask that they change subcontracting companies.

On another note, while wandering around outside yesterday, I started taking photos of some birds and even got in some bird watching. I even got to see a Mexican Chickadee (I think) and a Curve-billed Thrasher. Sadly I did not get a chance to take a photo of the Chickadee. Too fidgety. But I did manage to get a photo of the Curve-billed Thrasher-which by the way has a wonderfully beautiful song. Enjoy!

Curve-billed Thrasher: http://www.photobucket.com/user/rlagmagm29/media/Mobile%20Uploads/Curve-billedThrasher_zps5jvogdsy.jpg.html?sort=3&o=5

Dove on window: http://www.photobucket.com/user/rlagmagm29/media/Mobile%20Uploads/RestingDove_zpsvov9ixf2.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0


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